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Dance Day in Opatija!

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Ever since I was little, I was always engaged in some kind of dance and movement. I was a member of a few dance groups and have performed on several events and in theatres. But then I somehow got into acting and stopped with the dance. Nowadays it looks like dance is returning in my life, as my last few projects are synergy of acting and dancing and, although it takes a bit to adapt since it’s been a long time, I’m very happy that I got this opportunity and I am enjoying every second of it. 🙂

Voice/Newsreader workshop

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Nedavno sam pohađala i završila spikersku radionicu sa izvrsnim predavačima: Dunja Lakuš, Jelena Majić, Zlatko Štimac i Marinko Leš. Predivna radionica ukoliko želite poboljšati svoje govorne/interpretacijske vještine i super se zabaviti! 🙂


I recently attended and completed voice/newsreader workshop with excellent teachers: Dunja Lakuš, Jelena Majić, Zlatko Štimac and Marinko Leš. If you want to improve your voice/interpretation skills and also have fun, this is a great workshop for you!:)

Promocija diplome – Gluma, mediji i kultura

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Uspješno dodijeljena diploma i stečen naziv   “sveučilišna specijalistica glume, medija i kulture”  iliti


For those who don’t understand our universal Croatian language – Getting my diploma and becoming “university specialist of drama, media and culture”